Posted  above are a couple of our favorite puppy pictures at 6 weeks old. This litter from Morgan and Junior Hunter Jake showed lots of interest in birds at an early age.  
          Pond Hill German Shorthaired Pointers

training and fun pics
 We are proud to offer them to families and individuals wanting a GSP that will make a great companion and hunting buddy , if that is your thing.
The dogs we have were carefully selected to be calm enough to make good house dogs but also have the ability to spend a day hunting birds with you. You should know that the GSP is a sporting dog and even the calmer more laid back dogs dogs still need exercise on a regular basis.
if you enjoy long walks, hiking, playing with your dogs ect.. they can make great companions even if you don't hunt. Click on our links to learn more. We are proud to offer our beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale in Pa. If you are interested in one of our beautiful puppies please feel free to give us a call or email.  You can speak to John or Michele. Call us at 570-954-9283 or email at
Hello and welcome to our pages! We are small family breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers in Pa. We are located in Northeast Pennsylvania  close to I-80 and I 81 .  We breed 2-3 litters a year on average as we are not high volume commercial breeders. We are a family of dog lovers with a passion for breeding sound healthy dogs that can do what they were bred to. Our dogs are our family members and hunting partners. They love to spend a day in the woods with us or out in the field having some fun. We have been involved in purebred dogs for 32 years and would be happy to help you find your new family member and hunting buddy if you hunt. 
Pointing a quail at 6 weeks
Owned and loved by Bob and family
Dakota is a Morgan and Junior Hunter Jake  puppy

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German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale in Pa.  German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale in New York, German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale in New Jersey, German Shorthaired Pointer puppies for sale in Maryland.

If you are looking for a great bird dog trainer contact Tom Gingher at Knob Mountain Kennels. He has a summer program to get your dog ready for fall hunting. 

Sadly our dear friend Tom Gingher passed away on May 23rd 2014. The bird dog world lost one of the best. Tom was a special friend and mentor to my daughter Amanda, and she was so grateful to have a chance to work with him as his assistant.  Rest in peace Tom. We miss you. The Pondhill Shorthairs miss you too.
This handsome boy is Gunner! He is from Paisley and Phantom. He is owned and loved by Jessica.
Recently Placed Pups
Pictured above are two handsome GSPs hunting. The beautiful solid liver is Gus and the beautiful ticked is Lou. Thanks to Joe for sending these great pictures.

See more puppy pics here

Our GSP Photos   
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This is Floki.He is owned by Ian.
This is Ruger.He is owned by Andrew.
This is Cali.She is owned by Corey&Chelsea.
This is Capone.He is owned by Matt.
Puppy Page 2
This is Tilla.He is owned by Ken.
This is Chase.He is owned by Mark.
This is Cash .He is owned by Drew & Rebecca
These puppies are Breeze and Dasha.